Regional development

Region Stockholm plays an important part in the region’s development, and several major projects and investments are currently being carried out.

Future plan for health and medical care

In 2011, the County Council Assembly (now Region Stockholm Assembly) decided on the direction it wanted healthcare to take in the future. The Future plan is a 10-year investment plan for health and medical care.

Stockholm will grow strongly in the coming years. In Stockholm County, the numbers of children and elderly are increasing faster than other age groups. This combined with the continuing increase in the residents’ life expectancy is placing great demand on healthcare services. To be able to offer modern healthcare that meets patient expectations and the healthcare needs of the future, the Future Plan for Health and Medical Care is now being implemented. This will result in more care in better premises and with new approaches.

New Karolinska University Hospital Solna

The New Karolinska University Hospital Solna (NKS) is currently being built. This new university hospital will combine healthcare, research and education. The hospital will offer highly specialised care for the most seriously ill and is expected to be complete in 2017.

PPP procurement

The New Karolinska University Hospital Solna has been procured through a public–private partnership (PPP). This is a solution that aims, among other things, to minimise the risk of delays and cost increases. The project company will both build and run the hospital.

Regional development and planning

Region Stockholm works to support the development of Stockholm County, which involves the long-term planning and coordination of communications, workplaces, residential areas, etc.

Regional development plan

Region Stockholm has drawn up a regional development plan for the Stockholm region. Its vision is that the region should be Europe's most attractive metropolitan area.


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