Region Stockholm’s Health Impact Bond has received the award Social project bond of the year

Region Stockholm’s Health Impact Bond is the Winner of Environmental Finance's 2021 Bond Awards in the category Social project bond of the year.

Region Stockholm is honored to be given such a prestigious award. Just as Region Stockholm has played a leading role in the work with green bonds, Region Stockholm also have the ambition of being forward-thinking in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social financing. Region Stockholm have therefore developed a Health Impact Bond, which has a unique financial structure.

Region Stockholm has issued SEK 30m in a unique Health Impact Bond where the proceeds will be used to fund a pilot project for type 2 diabetes prevention for up to 925 prediabetic individuals in the greater Stockholm area. This financial bond model, where the return is linked to how successful the preventive work is, has been developed in cooperation with SEB and Skandia is the first of its kind, even internationally.

The purpose of the Health impact bond and this project has been to develop a model for more efficient steering and financing of prevention efforts, particularly adapted to the major lifestyle diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. In the long term, this will enable us to reduce human suffering as well as to reduce costs.

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Region Stockholm Winner of Environmental Finance's 2021 Bond Awards Social project bond of the year

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