Green bond impact report 2019

This year’s reporting of Region Stockholm’s green bonds, the Green Bond Impact Report, is complete and it shows that the financing has allowed us to avoid emissions of 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2019.

All in all, since the reporting started in 2017, we have avoided 28,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, which corresponds to the emissions from 28,000 car rides between Umeå and Istanbul or what 28,000 small trees could absorb in a year. Another comparison is that Region Stockholm has saved on carbon dioxide corresponding to what would fit in 25 Globen arenas.

The green bonds have financed the extension of Roslagsbanan and the Red line, among other projects, and investments in the healthcare sector such as Nya Södertälje hospital and the new Chopin building at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge.

Region Stockholm issued its first green bond in 2014.Today, Region Stockholm are the largest regional and municipal issuer of green bonds in the Swedish market. Almost 60 percent of Region Stockholm’s debt portfolio is green financing. Being a pioneer in this field, Region Stockholm is an important player in the crucial work to resolve environmental problems for future generations.

Region Stockholm’s framework for green bonds has been awarded the highest possible rating – dark green – by the independent institute Cicero. Together with other issuers of green bonds Region Stockholm actively promote improved reporting on green bonds developing a joint approach that will provide investors with increasingly transparent and relevant information.

Green Bond Impact Report 2019

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