Stockholm County Council reports a surplus for 2018

Stockholm County Council* had a surplus of SEK 2,171 million before transition costs, as reported in its year-end report for 2018

The surplus for 2018 amounted to SEK 2,171 million before transition costs, which was SEK 41 million higher than the previous year. The surplus after transition costs amounted to SEK 1,383 million in 2018.

One fifth of Sweden’s population lives in the Stockholm region, which continues to grow strongly. Although the population increase involves extensive expansion, investments and increased operating costs, the County Council has had a positive result for twelve years. This has been achieved while major changes have occurred globally and the economy has varied over time. In 2018 the County Council paid fees for the municipal economic equalisation system.

-  “Region Stockholm is showing a positive result at the same time as we have implemented extensive changes. This shows that Region Stockholm has the ability to handle major changes in a complex organisation. The result is a prerequisite for us to cope with the large investments that we are facing. It is about investments in public transport as well as health care and partly within the framework of new assignments such as Region Stockholm. It is always important that businesses retain budgets and work with both development and efficiency in different ways. Coming years will be no exception to this,” says Regional Director Carina Lundberg Uudelepp.

*On 1 January, Stockholm County Council became a region and is now named Region Stockholm. The financial statements and results for 2018 are related to the region's former name, Stockholm County Council. 

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