Annual Report 2017: Major investments and balanced finances

More patients were given doctor’s appointments within the care guarantee’s limit and the percentage of satisfied passengers increased in public transport. Major investments are being made in both healthcare and public transport with finances in balance. These are some of the highlights of Stockholm County Council’s annual report for 2017.

The annual report for 2017, in Swedish, is available on the website. The English version is published in the middle of June.

The surplus for full-year 2017 amounted to SEK 2,130 million before transition costs, which was SEK 422 million higher than the previous year. The surplus after transition costs amounted to SEK 1,242 million.

Major investments are being made in healthcare and public transport to meet the needs of tomorrow in a growing Stockholm County. The County Council has balanced finances, but requirements on cost-effective administration need to continue to be tightened to further free up resources for the core operations in the coming years of continued expansion. With a clear focus on controlled cost development, the County Council can continue to modernise and invest.

Health and medical care

In health and medical care, work was characterised by moving care closer to the residents, with streamlined missions for the emergency hospitals and an expansion of healthcare outside the emergency hospitals. At the same time, the investments continued in the new hospital building at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna.

The number of care episodes in inpatient care, when patients are admitted to hospital, increased at care providers outside the emergency hospitals and at the same time decreased at the emergency hospitals, according to plan. Similarly, the work for more care at the right place led to doctor's appointments decreasing while appointments with other professional categories in healthcare, such as nurses, increased.

When it comes to availability to healthcare, more people were given appointments with GPs or specialists within the care guarantee's limit than in 2016. Stockholm County Council also has a larger percentage of patients who receive care within the limits of the care guarantee than the national average. The annual report for 2017 also reported that healthcare-associated infections and the prescription of antibiotics decreased.

Obstetrics received increased funding during the year to strengthen staffing. Despite an occasionally strained situation, more than nine out of ten of the 28,600 deliveries were made at the clinic the parents had chosen.

In 2017, the obstetrics clinics in Stockholm County Council took in more women giving birth from other counties than those in Stockholm who were referred to nearby counties.

Public transport

Travel by public transport increased in 2017, including public transport by boat. There was an average of 2,744,000 boardings on a regular weekday and the goal for the number of boardings was achieved. The percentage of satisfied passengers also increased in all modes of transport, except in bus service, where it remained unchanged. Total customer satisfaction during the year was above 80 per cent.

In July, the new Citybanan opened with the new commuter rail stations Stockholm City and Odenplan. Commuter rail service increased by 20 per cent, or 70 new departures, during the year. In connection with the opening of Citybanan, customer satisfaction reached high levels, above 70 per cent. However, at the end of the year, customer satisfaction decreased due to problems with timetable changes, cancelled departures and deficiencies in infrastructure. Steps were immediately taken to break this trend.

Commuting to work by boat between Ekerö and central Stockholm proved to be more popular than expected and the boat line between Ekerö and Stadshuskajen is now part of ordinary commuter boat services.

Several major investments are under way in public transport to offer environmentally friendly, punctual and accessible travel in a growing county. Some examples include the extension of the light rail line to Sickla and the continued work of expanding the Tvärbanan Light Rail from Norra Ulvsunda to Kista. New double track along the Roslagsbanan suburban railway means that the trains can pass each other at multiple locations.


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