Stockholm County Council has published the annual impact report for green bonds

Stockholm County Council has now published its annual investor report for green bonds, the Green Bond Impact Report.

The Council issued its first green bond in 2014, and has since issued a green bond annually. The total value of the green bonds issued during the period is SEK 6.4 billion. The green bonds have financed the new construction and reconstruction of Södertälje Hospital, the construction of New Karolinska Solna hospital, the Roslagsbanan expansion programme, the upgrade of the Metro's Red Line and a development of a depot in Högdalen as part of the work on the expansion of the entire subway network.

- Through our green bonds, Stockholm County County Council contributes to increased sustainability focus. We are now improving our transparency as an issuer of green bonds, having established a report that contains both financial feedback and sustainability profits, says Frida Korneliusson, CEO AB Stockholms Läns Landstings Internfinans.

The report follows the guidelines for feedback on green bonds, NPSI Position Paper

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