Stockholm County Council Annual Report 2016

The surplus for full-year 2016 amounted to SEK 1,708 million before transition costs, which was SEK 1,365 million higher than the previous year. The surplus after transition costs amounted to SEK 808 million. Stockholm County Council has reported an annual surplus since 2007.

Stockholm is a metropolitan region with strong growth, an active labour market and growing revenues, particularly from a national perspective. With a strong labour market, the County Council's revenues from income tax and tickets in public transport are increasing. More people can also seek work in healthcare where there are currently professions in short supply. But a growing county also has growing challenges when more people seek care and more people travel by public transport. So the costs are also increasing and new demands are arising. The County Council must ensure that tomorrow's needs for care and public transport are met as well as today's. This is why the requirement for cost-effective County Council administration is now more stringent in order to free up resources for the core operations.

Stockholm County's strong population growth is continuing. During the year, the County Council continued its extensive efforts in healthcare and public transport to meet the needs of the residents both today and in the future.

The investments in healthcare and public transport contribute to making Stockholm sustainable and attractive tomorrow as well. The total investment volume for 2016 amounted to more than SEK 15 billion, which was invested in several major projects, including the construction of New Karolinska Solna.

In addition to the annual report, the County Council has prepared a shorter annual review. It describes the County Council's efforts and objectives and provides an overall description of the financial results for 2016.

Printed copies of the 2016 annual report and annual review can be ordered at An English language version of the 2016 annual report and annual review will be available to order at the end of June.

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