Tenth consecutive year with a surplus


Stockholm County Council had a surplus for 2016 of SEK 1,708 million before transition costs. This is SEK 1,365 million higher than 2015. This means that 2016 was the tenth consecutive year that Stockholm County Council reported a positive annual financial outcome. After transition costs, the surplus was SEK 808 million.

The County Council reports a surplus for full-year 2016. This is important in order to maintain balanced finances for the next few years. According to forecasts, the next few years will entail major strains on the County Council's finances and, consequently, this year’s surplus will ensure the implementation of the investments that will be brought into operation in 2017-2018 and tomorrow’s core operations in healthcare and public transport.

The County Council will ensure that tomorrow’s needs for care and public transport are met as well as today’s. In light of this, Stockholm County Council has built up a financial strength that makes it possible to carry out necessary technical improvement and expansions, not least in healthcare where the premises in several cases are built for ways of working that are outdated for both the patient and employees today. The County Council is conducting new construction based on modern requirements on patient safety, security and convenience for public transport passengers and to ensure long-term environmental sustainability. 

One fifth of Sweden’s population lives in the Stockholm region and the County continues to grow strongly. In a county that is growing as fast as Stockholm, both income and expenses are growing. This is completely natural. In 2016, tax revenues increased by 5.6 per cent compared with 2015 and costs increased by 5.4 per cent.

With finances in balance in the long term and with a clear focus on controlled cost growth, the County Council can continue to modernise and invest. Sound financial management is a prerequisite to be able to complete the long-term plans for expansion. Consequently, the requirements of efficiency enhancements and financial restraint are extra important to monitor in the next few years. The objective is for Stockholm County Council to be the least bureaucratic of all county councils in Sweden.