Stockholm County Council as an employer


Stockholm County Council continuously works to be an attractive and competitive employer.

Today  45,000 employees work in more than one hundred different professions. In the County Council, there is a continuous need for both new and developed expertise, as well as a well-functioning working organisation and work flows. By utilising the expertise that exists and at the same time working for an influx of the right expertise, the supply of expertise can be ensured. As the principal for healthcare in the County, the County Council collaborates in the region’s universities to quality assure the content and emphasis of the healthcare educational programmes and develop learning environments.

Administrations and companies actively work on measures to both attract and recruit new employees and to retain and engage existing employees. Developing and utilising the employees’ expertise and providing conditions for sustainable management and leadership were prioritised during the year. Future health and medical care means expanded and changed missions and structure changes that the County Council’s operations address by developing both organisations and approaches.

As a support in the work of ensuring the supply of expertise, the County Council Assembly adopted a skills supply strategy for Stockholm County Council in November 2016. The strategy aims to create a clear group perspective in the work on skills provisioning. The foundation is greater coordination, but with continued clear responsibility for administrations and companies to staff with the right and adequate expertise to fulfil their respective missions. The work of preparing an action plan linked to the strategy was begun during the year.