Public transport is being expanded and modernised


Growing numbers of people choose to travel with public transport provided by Stockholm County Council. The total number of passengers in public transport on land has increased compared with the previous year. Travel in public transport for the disabled and public marine transport also increased. Ticket revenues increased by 4.2 per cent compared with the year before.

Public transport is extremely important to the County’s population and development. As the population of Stockholm County grows, ever higher demands are placed on public transportation. In order for residents to choose public transport, their trips need to be attractive and accessible. Trips need to be efficient so that public transport costs do not increase too much. By more people taking public transport at the same time that the proportion of renewable energy increases, the County Council contributes to sustainable development.

In 2016, travel with public transport increased more than expected. The number of boardings on a winter weekday in SL service exceeded 2.9 million. 80 per cent of the passengers are satisfied with their journey, which is 2 per cent more compared with 2015. Despite the efficiency improvements in bus service, 79 per cent of bus passengers are satisfied, which is an increase of 1 per cent compared with the year before and above the target of 73 per cent. For public transport for the disabled and public marine transport, the percentage of satisfied passengers decreased slightly, but is still above average for public transport.

Greater presence of ticket checks proved to reduce the scope of fare evasion. In 2015, fare evasion amounted to 3.7 per cent of travel. Thanks to stronger efforts against fare evasion (such as readers for mobile tickets in buses) and more ticket checks, that number decreased to 3.1 per cent in 2016. This corresponds to a lower loss of revenue of SEK 45 million per year.

Events during the year

In archipelago and port service, the new transport agreements in archipelago service were appealed by five parties. To ensure service during the appeal period, an interim agreement was signed with the supplier that won the tender procedure.

MTR took over as the operator of commuter rail service on 11 December 2016. During the year, the County Council prepared the start of the commuter rail stations Odenplan and City, which will be brought into operation in July 2017.

In January 2016, efficiency enhancements were conducted in bus service for around SEK 100 million, which contributed to reducing the costs of purchased transport services. Several cost-effective agreements entered into effect during the year, in such operations as those for public transport for the disabled, buses and commuter rail service.

A new commuter boat line began operating in Riddarfjärden in January. Another commuter boat line began operating in August with service from Ekerö to Gamla Stan.

In 2016, the Roslagsbanan suburban railway and Saltsjöbanan light rail were modernised.  On Roslagsbanan, a total of 22 kilometres of double track is planned and being installed, along with better noise protection, accessibility and safety along the entire line. Technical improvement of some stations and existing cars was performed in 2016.

The work of modernising the Metro’s Red line was also under way prior to the upcoming year when the Red line will get a new depot, new trains and a new traffic management system. A new depot for better maintenance of the Metro’s trains was inaugurated in May in Hammarby.

New commuter trains began to be delivered in January. In the next few years, two trains per month will be delivered all the way until 2017/2018 when all new trains will have been delivered.

A lady informing an older man. Photo

The new Metro

During the year, the County Council decided that a new depot, which should also meet the needs for the new part of the Metro, will be built next to the existing depot in Högdalen.

Station locations and building establishment areas have been reviewed over the year, and the financial framework has been reviewed based on the changes the County Council had to make. The projects are proceeding according to plan.

Test drilling, ground water measurements and surveys of soil conditions are some of the preparatory steps that the County Council conducted prior to the start of construction of the new Metro, where ten stations and nearly 20 kilometres of new track will be built. Public interest remains high and positive. Many people participated in some of the ten consultations held during the year.

The Metro in Stockholm is spoken of internationally as the world’s longest art gallery. More than 150 different artists have created the art in today’s stations. There are mosaics, paintings, sculptures, installations, engravings and reliefs from the 1950's and on. 

With the expansion of the new Metro, the ten entirely new stations will be added, a new platform for today’s Gullmarsplan and a new platform next to today’s platform at Odenplan. At all twelve stations the artistic design will become an integrated part of the overall design. During the year, the County Council decided which artists would be awarded the sought-after commissions to adorn the stations. The work of sketching out the artistic design was then begun. The commission period is long; nearly a decade passes from idea competition to implementation.

A metro train. Photo