Culture in the County Council


The objective of the County Council’s cultural activities is to contribute to a high-quality, accessible cultural life. Important means for achieving the goal are the external support to the County’s cultural actors, association life, study associations and folk high schools.

The County Council also contributes to a regional resource centre for film and motion pictures, Film Stockholm. Other county cultural bodies are Dance in Stockholm City and County, the County Handicraft Consultants/Slöjd Stockholm, the Stockholm County Music Organisation, Stockholm Regional Library and the Stockholm County Museum. Stockholm County Council is also the main financier of the foundation that owns and operates the Stockholm Concert Hall.

Children and young people are a prioritised target group for the County Council’s cultural activities. By giving children and young people opportunities to enjoy high quality art and culture and encouraging personal creation, the possibility of self-reflection and insight about the surrounding society is provided.

A major overhaul of the cultural grants has been done and is expected to be implemented beginning in 2017. An overhaul of the association grants was also begun in 2016.

Public grants are designed to encourage both cultural creators and cultural and creative entrepreneurs. The in-depth collaboration between different players in the county on cultural and creative industries, Creative Stockholm, continued in 2016. The work of highlighting the cultural and creative industries’ role in regional development - and as a basis for RUFS 2050 - continued in 2016.

Culture in healthcare

Art and culture enrich people’s interaction with healthcare services and comprise an important area of activity. The County Council works through artistic creations at hospitals and other healthcare environments throughout the County, and by ensuring a programme offering for those who spend extended time in healthcare services and elderly care. During the year, several development projects were initiated where culture is used as a tool in rehabilitation and in collaboration between specialist and primary care. One of these is being conducted by Danderyd Hospital, another by Gustavsberg health centre. 

With its investments, the Future Plan for Health and Medical Care has meant that the work with the art is in an intensive phase at the County’s emergency hospitals and local urgent care clinics. The County Council is currently involved in more than 60 art projects each of which generally comprises multiple artistic commissions. The work on the art projects follows the timetable for the respective construction project.  The artistic designs at the hospitals concern large public rooms, such as entrances, courtyards, corridors and light wells, as well as more care-oriented rooms such as care wards and treatment rooms. 

The art investment at New Karolinska Solna is the largest single art project to-date for a public environment in Sweden.  In total, more than 50 artists are involved in designing various parts of the hospital. In addition to this, individual works are purchased and placed out together with older works that were taken from the older hospital buildings. Altogether, around one thousand works are included in the effort. During the year, Astrid Krogh’s artwork “Skylight” received the prestigious CODA Merit Award that is awarded by Collaboration of Design+Art in Madison, USA. The artwork is located in the new university hospital in Solna. 

Artwork on a wall in New Karolinska Solna. Photo Per Mannberg