Artistic design of Slussen's new bus terminal


On 18th September, an open call for the artistic design of Slussen's new bus terminal in Katarinaberget will be issued. Professional artists will be invited to submit a Notice of Interest for the artistic commission up to and including 30th October.

This is what the main waiting hall at Katarinaberget Bus Terminal is expected to look like. Image courtesy of LINK arkitektur.

The new bus terminal in Katarinaberget is part of the Nya Slussen project, which is currently in full progress. Start of construction for the terminal is scheduled for 2019 with start of operations in 2023 at the earliest. The entire Slussen project is scheduled for completion in approximately 2025. The terminal will be constructed inside Katarinaberget and will serve as a major transit point for commuters from Nacka and Värmdö. It will enable smooth transfers between bus, train and Metro services.

The bus terminal will provide bays for 6 arriving buses and 17 departing buses, with a further 17 spaces for buses to park while out of service. In addition, there will be a spacious waiting hall and two entrances, one of which will connect with the Metro.

Works of art in three locations in the terminal

The proposal by the architectural firm Foster & Partners details guidelines for the design of the different environments in Nya Slussen – including the new bus terminal. The surface of the excavated rock face will be covered in shotcrete in a Falu red colour from the ceiling to a height of four metres above the floor. The bottom four metres of wall space will comprise a cement mosaic in a dark-grey shade with a light-grey cement mosaic on the floor.

The works of art are intended to be featured in three locations: the floor in the main waiting hall, as well as the walls, ceiling and airspace in both of the two entrance halls. The main waiting hall will be approximately 200 metres long, 16 metres wide and eight metres high.

Escalator from the western entrance to the main waiting hall. Escalator from the western entrance to the main waiting hall. Image courtesy of LINK arkitektur.

A central hub in Stockholm's future public transport

Thousands of passengers will pass through the new bus terminal every day. The hope is that the challenge of designing such an important public space as the Katarinaberget Bus Terminal will appeal to a large number of artists. The works of art must be of the highest quality and enhance the journey experience for passengers.

Apply via Konstpool

The commissioning process will begin with an open call via Konstpool, where professional artists are invited to submit a Notice of Interest for the first stage. This will be followed by a process to select three to six artists for the sketch assignment. Remuneration for the sketch assignment will amount to SEK 100,000 per artist or group of artists. In the final stage, the winner will be chosen by the SL Arts Council.

Artists wishing to submit a Notice of Interest for the artistic commission must register at Konstpool. A prerequisite for application is that artists must have completed a tertiary qualification in art or have several years of documented professional experience in art.

Apply via Konstpool
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Design project schedule

18th September – 30th October 2017: Open call for concept sketch assignment.
24th November 2017: Decision on which artists will be invited to participate in concept sketch assignments.
15th December 2017, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.: Start-up meeting for concept sketch assignments.
16th April 2018: Submission of concept sketch proposals.
14th May 2018: Decision on which concept sketch proposal(s) will lead to further development assignments.