New Commuter Stations


On 10 July this summer, we are opening two new commuter rail stations – Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan. Thereby, travellers will be able to make quick, safe and convenient transfers between commuter trains and the Metro. The stations vill also ease the commuting to and from Stockholm.

The new Stockholm Odenplan station will contribute to quick, safe and convenient travelling in the city.

SL Stockholm is one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe. Nearly 800,000 passengers travel by public transport in Stockholm County every day.

As we develop the public transport of the future, the modernization and expansion of commuter rail services is one of our most important priorities.

Commuter trains will go underground

Starting this summer on 10 July, commuter trains will run underground on their own tracks through a six-kilometer-long tunnel under central Stockholm, which will double the track capacity through Stockholm for all rail traffic.

The big news is that we are opening two new commuter rail stations – Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan – where you will be able to make quick, safe and convenient transfers between commuter trains and the Metro.

The platform of the new commuter train station Stockholm City.

Next Stop Stockholm City station

Stockholm's most central commuter rail station lies 45 metres underground at T-Centralen, under the Metro Blue Line and directly adjacent to Stockholm Central.

It will replace the current commuter rail station at Stockholm Central, where until now commuter trains have shared tracks with the entire Swedish rail network.

Easy access from commuter trains to subway

Stockholm City offers all the conveniences of a modern public transport station. The mezzanine and escalators enable fast, convenient access to all the lines in the Stockholm Metro. 44 escalators and 17 elevators reduce congestion and facilitate transfers, especially for people with functional or mobility impairments.

Far-sighted solutions contribute to a safe, healthy station environment that benefits more passengers. For example, the tactile strips on platforms, colour contrasts, and well-designed lighting enhance accessibility for passengers with impaired vision.

Glass doors increase traveller safety

One exciting new feature is the transparent screens that separate the tracks from the platforms, which ensure a healthy indoor climate and reduce dust, dirt and draughts. They have also been installed for safety reasons.

For passengers wishing to take a break during their journey, we recommend a visit to the mezzanine, which includes shops, toilet facilities and a staffed information desk. Relax with a coffee and enjoy the new artistic decorations.

Direct entrances to Stockholm City station are located in Vasaplan, Klarabergsgatan and Vasagatan, under the Scandic Continental hotel.

New safety features at the stations - transparent screens, separating the tracks from the platform.

This is Stockholm Odenplan station

Stockholm Odenplan forms an important and convenient public transport hub in Vasastan.

The commuter rail station is situated directly below Odenplan Metro station. From 10 July, most transfers for SL's northbound rail services will take place there.

Commuter Rail Station and services of the future

The station has two tracks and a 250-metre-long central platform, with room for another two-track platform to facilitate possible future expansion.

The new station features a modern environment with 21 escalators, 6 lifts and a mezzanine that provide quick, convenient access to commuter rail, Metro and bus services.

Life line by David Svensson decorates one of the escalators at the Stockholm Odenplan station. It is a light artpiece inspired by the heartbeat of a child.

Art and architecture to help passangers navigate

The design of the new stations is characterized by safety, accessibility and convenience. Bright, well-proportioned spaces are combined with functional architecture and artistic decorations in many areas.

We keep all our passengers in mind, including the ones who need help during their journey. Tactile strips – raised tiles in the platform near the tracks – have been combined with contrasting floor markings. Enhanced lighting has been installed near escalators and lifts.

If you have any questions about your journey, help and advice is available at the staffed information desk. The new station features the same type of glass screens between the platform and tracks as Stockholm City. To enable sustainable travel, a cycle parking garage will be available near the station, where you can hire a space for your bike, and a charger for electric bicycles is provided.

The entrances to Stockholm Odenplan station are located at the Metro entrances in Odenplan and at the junction of Vanadisvägen/Dalagatan.

Environmentally sustainable project 

Environmental issues have been prioritized during the planning and construction of the new rail tunnel and the two new stations. Both the site and the project are ISO certified for quality, environment, and health and safety. All vehicles used during the construction phase have been eco-friendly, and all excavated rock has been recycled in other construction projects in Stockholm.

The modern, spacious ventilation system will ensure that the air is clean and that the climate in our new commuter rail stations remains healthy for our passengers. The system will also help to reduce the number of harmful particles and the amount of CO2 in the air, as well as preventing the spread of odours. In the event of fire, the system is also designed to deal with smoke and fumes.

"Links", a piece of mosaic art by Sunniva Mcalinden, decorating the mezzanine walls at the Stockholm Odenplan station.

Changes at Karlberg station, Stockholm Central and Stockholm Södra

When Stockholm Odenplan station opens, Karlberg station will close. The nearest new station entrance to Karlberg will be located at the junction of Vanadisvägen/Dalagatan. Due to these changes, we are now investigating whether to reorganize some of the existing bus routes.

The current platforms at Stockholm Central Staiton will be replaced by the commuter rail platforms at Stockhlm City station, under the Metro, blue line at T-centralen.

At Stockholm södra station, which is under renovation,all commuter trains will depart form the sam platforms.

Additional work

During a break-in period, there will be a number of planned closures and service reorganizations. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our goal is to ensure better, smoother journeys in the Stockholm public transport network.

Three partners involved in the project

The City Line project is a partnership between the Swedish Transport Administration, the City of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council/SL, with the Transport Administration responsible for construction.

The goal is rapid, smooth and eco-friendly public transport services for Stockholm residents and visitors in the long term.

For information about timetables and replacement services, please visit